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Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters.

Universal studios has created it’s own universe, It will have a line up of films, which will revisit classic monster characters and cater it to our generation. They are going to reboot iconic characters which were ruling the roost in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Sounds exciting? Well, it c’ant get better than this! 

They have signed up top end stars, for these series of films like Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe , Javier Bardem and Johnny Depp.


So , the core team behind the Dark Universe comprises of  creative people like

  1. Alex Kurtzman– This guy has written for The Amazing Spiderman 2 & has been the producer for the Now You See Me Series, Whats more..He has also helmed the first film in this universe, The Mummy, which has already released in theatres.

There are also big wigs behind this fascinating universe like-

2. David Koepp, who has screen written blockbusters movies like War of the Worlds, Spider-man (2004),  Indiana Jones & the kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

3. We also have Oscar winner Screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie who wrote movies for Valkyrie and Edge of Tomorrow,

4. Bill Condon who helmed the recent blockbuster Beauty & the Beast, & the Twilight Series Part 1 & 2.

So the first film in this universe “The Mummy” has had a rocky start. Critics are lashing the film up, right and centre, neither the film is minting money at the box office.

With so many creative people backing up the project, how did things go downhill with the very first film in the universe?



Well, the wafer thin plot in the film is a major concern. The film tries to tell too many things at one time. It’s not only about the mummy but it’s also about establishing the dark universe, which isn’t a bad thing per se, but only if the screenplay and the direction would have been a little stronger, things could have worked in it’s favour. Not to forget, that Brendan Fraser’s Mummy is still fresh in our minds, which still has a certain following.



So The Mummy is not that bad a film.

It has stunning action sequences and there are moments which are thrilling,  the cherry– we have Tom Cruise who is still kickin’ ass at 55!

He breathes life into this film. Unfortunately, the story is what kills the pace of this action-adventure film. But thankfully, somehow it has kind of set a base for the other films which are lined up.

Next we have in line is Bride Of Frankenstein which is being helmed by Bill Condon. The cast has not been decided yet, but the film has already got a release date ..It’s Feb 14th 2019 folks! Save the date!


Then we have, the super charismatic Johnny Depp playing The Invisible Man which would be fascinating to see on screen..

.. &  The one and only Javier Bardem playing a monster in Frankenstein. 

Russell Crowe will reprise his role as Dr. Henry Jekyll similar to what Nick Fury is to the Avengers series.

There are also going to be reboots of  iconic characters like Van Helsing, WolfMan, Dracula & The Phantom of The Opera as well!!

So with The Mummy, not doing wonders, does this spell doom for the universe?

Well, we hope not!! these films are going to be made. More than that, it has such an exciting space filled with iconic characters. Reimagining these monsters for our generation will certainly be a challenge, but it’s also going to be interesting to see how the creative team portrays them. Will these films somehow be interlinked with one and other? Yes, we guess that’s the plan..but only time will tell!


At the end of the day, nothing can succeed if the film doesn’t enthral or entertain the audience. At this day and age, not only the visual effects & the huge star cast is important, but above all it’s the vision and the plot of these movies which will be a major puller.

So what if  The Mummy isn’t all that great..


The Dark Universe does seem exciting & we c’ant wait to watch these thrilling line up of films…..

let's hope they spell magic!!

Watch the monster legacy here:


Honeymoon (2014)|Eu4ic Entertainments

So…there are many movies about couples. Boy meets girl.. the boy tries to win over the girl’s love/ how they mutually get attracted to each other….overcome an obstacle and get married …Happily ever after.

Then, there are some movies which talk about the dynamics of a couple who are already married. So the happily ever after doesn’t end there…Practically these filmmakers show that there is no happily ever after -after marriage…and how couples start growing distant from each other or somehow try to pump in back some excitement in their stale lives…or.. Well..some just go out and have a passionate affair. At the end of the film either things work out for the lead characters or they just move on with life. So these movies talk about their issues and problems. Usually these films are dark and hard hitting.


Then there are filmmakers like Leigh Janiak. Her film the “Honeymoon” is somewhat different. She kind of mixes elements from the above two styles and adds a dash of horror to it.

It talks about a young couple who are newly married, they decide to go for their honeymoon to a secluded place in the woods. They make a lot of love as soon as they reach the place. Oh c’mon don’t twist in your their honeymoon for god-sakes! There’s a lot of love and mushiness between the two & honestly they do make a great pair. The wife is the one who leads, and the husband may not be particularly macho, but is nevertheless caring and sensitive. They go for short treks, boat rides and are completely one with nature. They also make their own breakfast and enjoy cozying up in the wooden bedroom.


But things take a terrifying turn on one unfortunate night, the husband gets up from his sleep and realises his wife is not beside him. He looks around for her in the house but doesn’t find her. He takes a torch light and goes out in the woods looking for her. He assumes maybe she is playing around with him. He shouts out her name, but there is no response. He looks around, and this time he is really concerned and afraid. Just when he has lost all hope, he spots her at an eerie place in the woods, and she is standing naked with marks on her thighs. Later, what transpires, is what the “Honeymoon” is all about. Mind you things get really scary and creepy.

The filmmaker somehow merges a few genres in this film. Not two. But three genres. That’s a pretty tough thing to do! I mean there are filmmakers who struggle doing justice to one genre, but this lady somehow completely justifies the film by blending three into it.


This film is made on a limited budget with just a handful of actors. The lead characters played by Rose Leslie & Harry Treadaway hold this film together. Their impeccable chemistry and timing is unmatchable.

The conventional way of making a horror film is broken here very cleverly by Leigh Janiak.  Being a first time director she has completely nailed it.

Yes, there are few questions which are left unanswered at the end of the film & there are a few bumps in the screenplay which makes the film slightly predictable but the creepiness, the tension and the chills are in plenty & they do not disappoint.

Watch this with your close one …….


Watch the trailer here:


Cannes Film Festival 2017|Eu4ic Entertainments

Cannes Film Festival turns 70 this year!! (17th-28th May 2017).

There is an amazing line up of films which have made it to the competition.

More than that there is also lot of exciting stuff for cinema lovers to nibble on.

For starters, We have an Adam Sandler film which has made it to the competition for the Palme d’Or, surprised? don’t be!!  The Meyerowitz Stories has Ben Stiller giving him company. This comedy-drama is been written & directed by Noah Baumbach.


Kristen Stewart has turned director! Wait! What….Yes she has!!  A special screening is being held for her short film Come Swim. Apparently she has worked for 2 years on this poetic film, which is 17 mins long. Critics have lauded the film, and we c’ant wait to watch it!

come swim

When talking about Kristen Stewart, how can Robert Pattinson be far behind? He has a film directed by the Safdie Brothers, which is in the main list. This bank robbery film is scheduled to release in August this year.

good time

Director Yorgos Lanthimos, who won the jury prize last year, for The Lobster is back with The Killing Of A Sacred Deer. It has Colin Farrell in the lead, with Nicole Kidman supporting him. It’s a Psychological thriller.

If you haven’t seen The Lobster yet, you need to put it right on top of your priority list. Leave everything & watch it now!!


What about the Indian films you may ask? We do have a film by a talented director who is still studying in FTII. Its a first of sorts for us. Afternoon Clouds is selected for Cannes Cinefondation. Her 13 min film was shot as a dialogue exercise, and the film is inspired by the director’s own life.  This film is directed by Payal Kapadia.

Afternoon CLouds

Sangamithra- a trilingual film (Hindi, Telugu & Tamil) unveiled it’s first look Starring Jayam Ravi, Arya & Shruti Hassan in lead roles. Its going to release in 2 parts a la Bahubali. A R Rahman is composing music for the film, and popular director Sundar C is helming the project. This film vows to take Indian cinema to global audiences.

We also had Nandita Das unveiling her directorial venture Manto Starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui. We also have Aishwarya Rai revisiting an open screening of Devdas.

So there aren’t any Indian films per se which have been selected for the main competition. Afternoon clouds has certainly done us proud.

The icing on the cake this year is definitely Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s virtual reality film titled Flesh & Blood.  Whoever has gone to see this 7 minute film in the virtual reality section have just raved about it.  It’s apparently been unbelievable for the audiences, who managed to catch a glimpse of this film. They could feel, hear, breathe and be a part of this dramatic film.

You’re virtually present but physically absent.

This is touted to be the future of movie making. This one is definitely going get the filmmakers and audiences excited!


There are 19 films competing for the Palme d’Or. Reputed directors such as Sofia Coppola, Bong Joon -Ho, Jacques Doillon have made it to the list. There are films from different parts of the world, and it would interesting to know, which film will finally win the prestigious award.

okjaThe beguiled

Nocturnal Animals Review| Eu4ic Entertainments

nocturnalposterMovie : Nocturnal Animals

Cast: Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Micheal Shannon & Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Director : Tom Ford

Micheal Shannon.  The guy who gave  stellar performances in the “Revolutionary Road“, “Take Shelter” & “The Iceman” is at it again, playing the role of Detective Bobby Andes.


Micheal Shannon at his best.

He nails it and how!

Like the above, there are applaud worthy facets to Nocturnal Animals. Director Mr Tom Ford, aces at almost every department.  His screenplay is taut, tense & gripping.  The narrative is so different,  it likes it has a rhythmic pattern to it.

This psychological thriller is based on the book “Tony & Susan” written by Austin Wright.

The film has an interesting line up of actors.

Amy Adams who plays Susan Morrow, an art gallery owner, lives an extravagant lifestyle. She has a large mansion, a dashing & handsome husband who in evidently always busy with work.  She’s doing extremely well in her career. But, she is not content with her life. She’s alone most of the time, her husband seems to be meeting other women on the pretext of business meetings, she also has trouble sleeping at nights.


A still from the film

One day, she receives a novel from her ex husband Edward ( Jake Gyllenhaal). She opens the novel, to realise the novel is dedicated to her.

She slowly starts getting consumed by the novel. Which subconsciously takes her back to the marriage she had with Edward. She relives those memories all over again, and begins to weigh her current life to the life she had before.

The film also deals with an important topic of art & reality, which is subtly yet effectively seeped into the screenplay.

Would you be able to listen to your heart every time? Does life turn out to be the way you expect it to be? The things you always want in your life, maybe when you get it , you realise that its not what you expect it to be….

The film revolves around these above questions, which are faced by everyone at a certain points in our lives.

There is an interesting dialogue told by one of the characters to Susan earlier on in the film which describes her state of mind-

‘Susan, enjoy the absurdity of our world. It’s a lot less painful. Believe me, our world is a lot less painful than the real world.’

Her marriage with her ex husband Edward, had hit rockbottom very early on in her life. He was the only one who believed in her, which ironically, in her current life no one does.


Jake Gyllenhaal gives a knockout performance.

Amy Adams doesn’t have many dialogues as such, but she mesmerises with her expressions, her body language, and her eyes. She plays the character of Susan beautifully.

Jake Gyllenhaal who plays Edward & a fictional character in the novel is brilliant.  The movie constantly shifts from Susan’s present world- to the premise of the novel & to Susan’s past.


A still from the film.

Armie Hammer who plays Susan’s husband suits the character. He gives a decent performance.

Aaron Taylor -Johnson gives in a terrific performance as one of the fictional characters in the novel. He’s terrifying & cunning.

The show stealer is Micheal Shannon, who just doesn’t fail to surprise.

The captain of the ship Mr.Tom Ford has dished out an excellent film, with an extremely stylish narrative.

I haven’t seen all the oscar films, but i’m quite surprised how “Nocturnal Animals” didn’t make it to the list.

With it’s subtle performances, interesting screenplay & beautiful cinematography, this film should definitely be on your not-to-miss list!

Jake Gyllenhaal | Decoding Louis Bloom| Eu4ic Entertainments

Jake Gyllenhaal has always surprised me with his performances. His selection of films & the way he hones his craft is incredible.


His filmography is worth something to die for. Be it playing the troubled teenager in the puzzling “Donnie Darko”or making an impact with his role in the 2013 suspense thriller “Prisoners”.


A still from “Donnie Darko”

There are a few characters which stay with you after the film is done. Louis Bloom is one such character .

Louis Bloom is a guy who is on the prowl the whole time. You c’ant see him during the day & he’s hard to catch at night. He’s ambitious to an extraordinary degree. You may not know him very well, but he will know you inside-out. He does his research. He’s well prepared, planned and he would definitely beat you in your own field of expertise.

He’s alone. He has no family. No relationships to bank on. So he doesn’t really value them.  He works only for one person- himself.

10802de6f57410fa360927a237f11cddHe can manipulate anyone. The thing is he understands human emotions so well that he can take advantage of it, without the other person knowing.

He’s cunning, sharp, witty, and he has the know-how of which button to press when.

He’s completely unpredictable, so you always end up wondering on what he would end up doing next.

There are so many layers, so many dimensions to the character of Louis Bloom Its hard to guess  what’s on his mind.  The most important aspect- he can do anything to be successful. Mind you anything. So he has a conscience where everything is like a transaction – even people.


So how is a person without feelings, without any relationships, who has a desire to be super successful, who is charismatic, and who has his own moral grounds, which can be pushed to an unnerving extent.

Well, that’s Louis Bloom for you.fd2ab41f854b30f11244e6292dcfa6e1


Dan Gilroy who has written this mind bending character, makes me wonder whether people like Louis Bloom actually exist.

Well, i guess they do. They exist but i guess they don’t really get caught.

Like Mr Dan Gilroy stated  “They live and die among us”.

Jake Gyllenhaal has got into the soul of the character, to an extent that he gives you the creeps!


If you want to meet & greet Louis Bloom watch the “Nightcrawler”. 

Film- Nightcrawler

Cast- Jake Gyllenhaal, Riz Ahmed & Rene Russo.

Director- Dan Gilroy




A Twisted Thriller|The Invitation(2015)|Eu4ic Entertainments

The Invitation (2015) : Directed by- Karyn Kusama.

Cast: Logan Marsahll-Green, Tammy Blanchard & Michiel Huisman

When you get invited to a reunion party, its bound to be fun. You get to meet your old friends, you  talk about the good times & fond memories. You’re excited, and have that tingling feeling before you meet them. Once  you do, you update them about your current happenings and get to know theirs. Its relaxing, its stress busting, and its a break away from you’re regular monotonous life.invitation2-1024x576

Meeting you’re old friends every now and then is great thing!

There are drinks, games and lip smacking snacks to munch on. There’s a lot to catch up with. Its something which we all enjoy!

But “The Invitation” is not your regular reunion- dinner party.
Its twisted.

We all may have at some point had to meet and greet our ex at a party or at a certain occasion. It gets a little awkward, but then eventually you take it in your stride and let bygones be bygones, and wish them the very best for their new beginnings, and I’m sure they do the same as well.


What if you’re attending a dinner party at your former house hosted by your ex-wife and her current partner.invitation
As earlier mentioned, “The Invitation” is not your regular reunion -dinner party. Unsettling ambience, old wounds re-surfing.  Its everything which can go wrong at a dinner party.

Nothing seems to be what it looks like. There’s tension building in the air , but no one wants to talk about it. Its weird, but you put the fake mask on.

But what happens when this fake mask comes off?


“The Invitation” directed by Karyn Kusama, is a nail biting thriller. Its haunting. It slowly comes on to you and before you know it you are clinging on to something in fear.

Its smart & it surprises you at the places you least expect it to. Hats off to the Phil Hay & Matt Manfredi for writing a suspense- filled screenplay.

Karyn Kusama has delivered an intelligent thriller, and i guess its her best film till date.

Logan Marshall-Green as “Will” is jaw -dropping. He sticks to his character and his droopy eyes do all the talking.

Tammy Blanchard as “Eden” is magical. Her smile is something to watch out for.

Rest of the cast have played their characters well. Revealing any more details regarding the script would be a spoiler.

But i suggest you accept this invitation.

Watch the trailer here: