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Imtiaz Ali.

The man who completely changed the game. He’s an artist who’s not afraid to experiment. His take on relationships have changed the dynamics of the regular run of the mill love stories.

His narration of stories have flashes of art in them. There’s humming poetry in all his films. His music never disappoints and In fact with each movie he digs in a little deeper in the minds of his characters.

Somewhere, somehow you relate to his characters in every film. You fall for them. Whether it’s Geet from Jab We Met,  Ved Vardhan from Tamasha or Aditi Sahni for Socha Na Tha.

He’s charms the audience with his style of narrating stories, & his films have a repeat value, which is a very rare thing!

The more number of times you watch his films, the more you enjoy them…


Socha Na tha, came way back in 2005. He was launched in the industry by Sunny Deol…and Imtiaz had the task of launching Abhay Deol.

The film was a washout when it released, When it was out on Television/DVDs, people started to watch it, and they enjoyed it, & they were like why didn’t we see it in the theatres! It has gained a cult following since.

It has a different spin on how two people who meet in an arranged marriage set up, reject each other, get close to each other, and then decide they are better off their separate ways, only to get back with each other.

Too much drama? Well, but isn’t how the youth is now? The audience got exposed to situations happening in his film – situations closer to reality. The movie connected well with the youngsters, & its entertaining narrative connected universally.

Jab We Met, his second venture, was a surprise hit!  There was no hype before the release, but the word of mouth was so so positive….It took the audiences to a whole different journey of madness with it’s lead characters. The film made us laugh, cry and made us strong enough to take our own decisions.


Imitaz Ali, certainly knows the true power of cinema.  He blends logic & heart almost seamlessly in his films.

His big breakthrough though, was the hard hitting Rockstar. He completely evolved as a story teller, this film was more darker, the emotions were more raw, and the performance of it’s lead character took the film to another level.


The editing of the film was top notch, and the screenplay of the film was one of the biggest takeaways.

In Highway, we got to see the poetic side of Imtiaz Ali. This film was just Gorgeous. It was a visual delight with hard hitting performances.

Love Aaj Kal & Cocktail ( written by Mr. Ali), were so refreshingly good as romantic comedies! These films had such a unique twist in romance, that it automatically checks into your list of the best- feel- good -rom-coms.


But his best work till date, we feel is Tamasha.  The movie released to mixed responses, It didn’t do great at the box office.

Somehow, people expected it to be as sparkly as how the Ranbir-Deepika jodi was in  YJHD. It wasn’t. & thank god for that.

Because it was much much better. …

In this film, Imtiaz Ali, bears it all, no barrels held…..He narrates one of the most complex stories in the simplest fashion.

Tamasha as quoted by Imtiaz Ali himself:

“Tamasha has that kind of love which makes a normal person extraordinary, which makes a commoner an artist.”


He continues:

“What ‘Tamasha’ is trying to say is that don’t be satisfied with the stories you hear around you, create your own myth, choose your own story. Sometimes in trying to belong, you lose your edge, you become blunt and you forget who you are unless someone comes to remind you, someone who has seen you at that time. It’s not that simple because it takes the undoing of entire life’s experience to get in touch with yourself and your wild energy.”

Today is you’re birthday! & we can’t thank you enough for enchanting us with your beautiful films.

We wish you all the love & luck..

Oh & yes…We c’ant wait for August 4th any longer!



We don’t think you’d like to miss our fav Imtiaz Ali Song:



Honeymoon (2014)|Eu4ic Entertainments

So…there are many movies about couples. Boy meets girl.. the boy tries to win over the girl’s love/ how they mutually get attracted to each other….overcome an obstacle and get married …Happily ever after.

Then, there are some movies which talk about the dynamics of a couple who are already married. So the happily ever after doesn’t end there…Practically these filmmakers show that there is no happily ever after -after marriage…and how couples start growing distant from each other or somehow try to pump in back some excitement in their stale lives…or.. Well..some just go out and have a passionate affair. At the end of the film either things work out for the lead characters or they just move on with life. So these movies talk about their issues and problems. Usually these films are dark and hard hitting.


Then there are filmmakers like Leigh Janiak. Her film the “Honeymoon” is somewhat different. She kind of mixes elements from the above two styles and adds a dash of horror to it.

It talks about a young couple who are newly married, they decide to go for their honeymoon to a secluded place in the woods. They make a lot of love as soon as they reach the place. Oh c’mon don’t twist in your their honeymoon for god-sakes! There’s a lot of love and mushiness between the two & honestly they do make a great pair. The wife is the one who leads, and the husband may not be particularly macho, but is nevertheless caring and sensitive. They go for short treks, boat rides and are completely one with nature. They also make their own breakfast and enjoy cozying up in the wooden bedroom.


But things take a terrifying turn on one unfortunate night, the husband gets up from his sleep and realises his wife is not beside him. He looks around for her in the house but doesn’t find her. He takes a torch light and goes out in the woods looking for her. He assumes maybe she is playing around with him. He shouts out her name, but there is no response. He looks around, and this time he is really concerned and afraid. Just when he has lost all hope, he spots her at an eerie place in the woods, and she is standing naked with marks on her thighs. Later, what transpires, is what the “Honeymoon” is all about. Mind you things get really scary and creepy.

The filmmaker somehow merges a few genres in this film. Not two. But three genres. That’s a pretty tough thing to do! I mean there are filmmakers who struggle doing justice to one genre, but this lady somehow completely justifies the film by blending three into it.


This film is made on a limited budget with just a handful of actors. The lead characters played by Rose Leslie & Harry Treadaway hold this film together. Their impeccable chemistry and timing is unmatchable.

The conventional way of making a horror film is broken here very cleverly by Leigh Janiak.  Being a first time director she has completely nailed it.

Yes, there are few questions which are left unanswered at the end of the film & there are a few bumps in the screenplay which makes the film slightly predictable but the creepiness, the tension and the chills are in plenty & they do not disappoint.

Watch this with your close one …….


Watch the trailer here:


Kaatru Veliyidai|Eu4ic Entertainments

Mani Ratnam’s Kaatru Veliyidai is a visually dazzling film. Ravi Varman the cinematographer has done a splendid job on this film. His previous works have been great too, but this film somehow surpasses the earlier ones. Your jaw will drop from the very first scene of the film, and it will be hard to bring it back to it’s place, as the film has countless such scenes.

You’d be awe struck by not only the visuals, but also with the performances of the lead characters played by Karthi & Aditi Rao Hydari.

Mani Ratnam tells a mature love story set in the time of Kargil War.

It’s a love story between an air force pilot & a doctor. It’s a love story between Varun VC & Dr. Leela Abraham.

Varun is a self centred, arrogant and a competitive man. He has a charming personality though. His magnetism and powerful presence c’ant be easily ignored. He commands attention and he gets it.


He is a military pilot, he takes lives

Whereas Leela is completely opposite. She is soft spoken, determined, loyal and committed to whatever she does. She is drop dead gorgeous, and is always overwhelmed with her surroundings.C8f2vR1VYAArA4d She is a doctor, she saves lives.

This is their story. How two people with contrasting personalities fall for each other, but how difficult it is for them to be in that relationship, without drowning each other, without destroying one and other? Can both of them handle a relationship which might soon intoxicate their lives? Or is the love strong enough to overcome any obstacle?

Both of them have a different take on life, which eventually shakes their relationship.

The characters in this film have many layers. It’s a complex love story, and who better to narrate it other then Mani Ratnam.

Mani Ratnam’s poetic approach to the movie, might not impress everyone. The screenplay has a few bumps. VC escaping Pakistan, again, is not completely justified. The action sequences aren’t all that get great, they seem rushed.


But Mani Ratnam tries to tell a different tale. This film shows love, which is never seen before. It shows a relationship which is very relatable.  Karthi plays his grey shaded character to perfection. The screen sparkles when he is in the frame. Aditi Rao Hydari is stunningly beautiful in this film. Her eyes do all the talking. She has played her character wonderfully. Rukmini Vijaykumar makes an impressive mark & the rest of the actors justify the roles given to them.

`Mani Ratnam has narrated the film against gorgeous locations. His lead pair is awesome. The music strikes a chord.  but is the movie perfect? No it’s not, it has a few flaws. but sometimes perfection is boring, and this is why you should give this film a watch.

Also, Mani Ratnam has not lost his touch. His take on romance is refreshingly different, and he succeeds this time as well.

Just watch the magic unfold in front of you, poetically crafted by Mani Ratnam.


Cannes Film Festival 2017|Eu4ic Entertainments

Cannes Film Festival turns 70 this year!! (17th-28th May 2017).

There is an amazing line up of films which have made it to the competition.

More than that there is also lot of exciting stuff for cinema lovers to nibble on.

For starters, We have an Adam Sandler film which has made it to the competition for the Palme d’Or, surprised? don’t be!!  The Meyerowitz Stories has Ben Stiller giving him company. This comedy-drama is been written & directed by Noah Baumbach.


Kristen Stewart has turned director! Wait! What….Yes she has!!  A special screening is being held for her short film Come Swim. Apparently she has worked for 2 years on this poetic film, which is 17 mins long. Critics have lauded the film, and we c’ant wait to watch it!

come swim

When talking about Kristen Stewart, how can Robert Pattinson be far behind? He has a film directed by the Safdie Brothers, which is in the main list. This bank robbery film is scheduled to release in August this year.

good time

Director Yorgos Lanthimos, who won the jury prize last year, for The Lobster is back with The Killing Of A Sacred Deer. It has Colin Farrell in the lead, with Nicole Kidman supporting him. It’s a Psychological thriller.

If you haven’t seen The Lobster yet, you need to put it right on top of your priority list. Leave everything & watch it now!!


What about the Indian films you may ask? We do have a film by a talented director who is still studying in FTII. Its a first of sorts for us. Afternoon Clouds is selected for Cannes Cinefondation. Her 13 min film was shot as a dialogue exercise, and the film is inspired by the director’s own life.  This film is directed by Payal Kapadia.

Afternoon CLouds

Sangamithra- a trilingual film (Hindi, Telugu & Tamil) unveiled it’s first look Starring Jayam Ravi, Arya & Shruti Hassan in lead roles. Its going to release in 2 parts a la Bahubali. A R Rahman is composing music for the film, and popular director Sundar C is helming the project. This film vows to take Indian cinema to global audiences.

We also had Nandita Das unveiling her directorial venture Manto Starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui. We also have Aishwarya Rai revisiting an open screening of Devdas.

So there aren’t any Indian films per se which have been selected for the main competition. Afternoon clouds has certainly done us proud.

The icing on the cake this year is definitely Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s virtual reality film titled Flesh & Blood.  Whoever has gone to see this 7 minute film in the virtual reality section have just raved about it.  It’s apparently been unbelievable for the audiences, who managed to catch a glimpse of this film. They could feel, hear, breathe and be a part of this dramatic film.

You’re virtually present but physically absent.

This is touted to be the future of movie making. This one is definitely going get the filmmakers and audiences excited!


There are 19 films competing for the Palme d’Or. Reputed directors such as Sofia Coppola, Bong Joon -Ho, Jacques Doillon have made it to the list. There are films from different parts of the world, and it would interesting to know, which film will finally win the prestigious award.

okjaThe beguiled

A Precious Little Film|Blue Jay|Eu4ic Entertainments.

Oscar fever all around. The 89th Academy Awards. La La land winning big, Moonlight winning hearts and Cassey Affleck’s heart wrenching performance in Manchester By The Sea.

They all might be pretty decent films. But this is not about the oscars. This is about the black horse. This is about films which don’t get the required buzz.

Among all the mainstream films & indie films which released last year. There is a gem of a film that i’ve come across recently, titled “Blue Jay”. It’s got a limited release.

It has been screened at select festivals.

But its the content which has a unique flavour.

“Blue Jay” is inspiring in more ways than one. It has 2 characters. It’s shot in black & white. It has mostly improvised dialogues by the actors. The director is the DOP. The male lead has written the script & produced the film.There are just about a few locations, most of it is filmed in a house & above all its shot over a span of 7

There are movies which rely heavy on VFX, have a solid star cast, have the big guns backing the film & they also end up earning the bucks as well!

But they lose out on the most important yet the basic aspect- screenplay.

We’ve seen films which churn out similar stories, yet there is one which stands out. Yet there is one you connect to. Yet there is one which has a creative way of narrating it.

The way you tell you’re story is what matters at the end of the day. You may not have the big budget or the stellar cast, but what you have is a story, and its important that you tell it.

“Blue Jay” is exactly that. It may have a plot line which is similar to what you have seen or heard before. But it’s the narration & the execution is what stands out.


Its lead pair’s soulful  performance which is brilliant. The way it poetically unfolds is what keeps this masterpiece different from the rest.

This film is not only a must watch for the audience, but also for aspiring filmmakers.

Films can be shot in limited locations, minuscule budgets & with a few actors. What’s more it can also be watched by a million subscribers on a digital platform.

So try something unique, do something different, watch something new & start your week fresh.

Watch “Blue Jay”.

& yes it’s on Netflix!


Film: Blue Jay

Cast: Mark Duplass & Sarah Paulson.

Director: Alex Lehmann.



Watch the trailer below: