IT (2017)| Pennywise “The Clown”| Eu4ic Entertainments

Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.

-Stephen King


“IT” is one of the most awaited films of 2017. Based on Stephen King’s horror novel with same name. Directed by Andres Muschietti, famous for his short-turned- feature “Mama”.

So as children. most of us enjoyed the antics of clowns. They were always out there to entertain us at birthday parties, or at the circus, or just about any other kiddie fair.

Clowns were people who we could relate to. They were friendly,  child like, & for some reason always happy!

They had expressions which would most of the time left us in splits. Oh and yeah they  had a balloon for the each and one of us.

Clowns, always, always, had an ace up their sleeves, which would leave us gasping in disbelief.

& this is what Pennywise “the clown” in “IT” has.  He has an ace up his sleeve and, no, its not the friendly next door one.

He is not the clown who the bully kids can mock,

he’s not the one out there to entertain you.

He has just one sole purpose , he’s out there to feast on kids.

If you’re kids disappear, you know who to catch!

But Pennywise isn’t an easy clown to catch. He’s been here way before anyone has been. He stays underground ( not an easy place to be in) & he has a hibernation cycle of 27 years. Basically, when he is active, he terrorizes the town for 2 years.

Oh and did i mention he can transform into anyone?

You won’t be able to catch him. The question is how quick can you escape.

“IT” has an interesting premise spanning over two timelines. This part talks about 7 young teens who come together to decode the missing case , when one of the teen’s little brother’s disappears. But nothing is as it seems, as they have an evil clown to fight off who has been here since centuries.

Will the 7 kids succeed in facing their biggest fear? Will the teen be able to find his little brother? Will they be able to escape the creepy clown?

Too many questions no?

Don’t worry!!

This teen adventure – horror film has hit the screens today. If you really want to have a good scare and re live you’re childhood adventures, this one should definitely be on your weekend list!

Watch the trailer here:


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