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Mani Ratnam’s Kaatru Veliyidai is a visually dazzling film. Ravi Varman the cinematographer has done a splendid job on this film. His previous works have been great too, but this film somehow surpasses the earlier ones. Your jaw will drop from the very first scene of the film, and it will be hard to bring it back to it’s place, as the film has countless such scenes.

You’d be awe struck by not only the visuals, but also with the performances of the lead characters played by Karthi & Aditi Rao Hydari.

Mani Ratnam tells a mature love story set in the time of Kargil War.

It’s a love story between an air force pilot & a doctor. It’s a love story between Varun VC & Dr. Leela Abraham.

Varun is a self centred, arrogant and a competitive man. He has a charming personality though. His magnetism and powerful presence c’ant be easily ignored. He commands attention and he gets it.


He is a military pilot, he takes lives

Whereas Leela is completely opposite. She is soft spoken, determined, loyal and committed to whatever she does. She is drop dead gorgeous, and is always overwhelmed with her surroundings.C8f2vR1VYAArA4d She is a doctor, she saves lives.

This is their story. How two people with contrasting personalities fall for each other, but how difficult it is for them to be in that relationship, without drowning each other, without destroying one and other? Can both of them handle a relationship which might soon intoxicate their lives? Or is the love strong enough to overcome any obstacle?

Both of them have a different take on life, which eventually shakes their relationship.

The characters in this film have many layers. It’s a complex love story, and who better to narrate it other then Mani Ratnam.

Mani Ratnam’s poetic approach to the movie, might not impress everyone. The screenplay has a few bumps. VC escaping Pakistan, again, is not completely justified. The action sequences aren’t all that get great, they seem rushed.


But Mani Ratnam tries to tell a different tale. This film shows love, which is never seen before. It shows a relationship which is very relatable.  Karthi plays his grey shaded character to perfection. The screen sparkles when he is in the frame. Aditi Rao Hydari is stunningly beautiful in this film. Her eyes do all the talking. She has played her character wonderfully. Rukmini Vijaykumar makes an impressive mark & the rest of the actors justify the roles given to them.

`Mani Ratnam has narrated the film against gorgeous locations. His lead pair is awesome. The music strikes a chord.  but is the movie perfect? No it’s not, it has a few flaws. but sometimes perfection is boring, and this is why you should give this film a watch.

Also, Mani Ratnam has not lost his touch. His take on romance is refreshingly different, and he succeeds this time as well.

Just watch the magic unfold in front of you, poetically crafted by Mani Ratnam.



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