Jake Gyllenhaal | Decoding Louis Bloom| Eu4ic Entertainments

Jake Gyllenhaal has always surprised me with his performances. His selection of films & the way he hones his craft is incredible.


His filmography is worth something to die for. Be it playing the troubled teenager in the puzzling “Donnie Darko”or making an impact with his role in the 2013 suspense thriller “Prisoners”.

A still from “Donnie Darko”

There are a few characters which stay with you after the film is done. Louis Bloom is one such character .

Louis Bloom is a guy who is on the prowl the whole time. You c’ant see him during the day & he’s hard to catch at night. He’s ambitious to an extraordinary degree. You may not know him very well, but he will know you inside-out. He does his research. He’s well prepared, planned and he would definitely beat you in your own field of expertise.

He’s alone. He has no family. No relationships to bank on. So he doesn’t really value them.  He works only for one person- himself.

10802de6f57410fa360927a237f11cddHe can manipulate anyone. The thing is he understands human emotions so well that he can take advantage of it, without the other person knowing.

He’s cunning, sharp, witty, and he has the know-how of which button to press when.

He’s completely unpredictable, so you always end up wondering on what he would end up doing next.

There are so many layers, so many dimensions to the character of Louis Bloom Its hard to guess  what’s on his mind.  The most important aspect- he can do anything to be successful. Mind you anything. So he has a conscience where everything is like a transaction – even people.


So how is a person without feelings, without any relationships, who has a desire to be super successful, who is charismatic, and who has his own moral grounds, which can be pushed to an unnerving extent.

Well, that’s Louis Bloom for you.fd2ab41f854b30f11244e6292dcfa6e1


Dan Gilroy who has written this mind bending character, makes me wonder whether people like Louis Bloom actually exist.

Well, i guess they do. They exist but i guess they don’t really get caught.

Like Mr Dan Gilroy stated  “They live and die among us”.

Jake Gyllenhaal has got into the soul of the character, to an extent that he gives you the creeps!


If you want to meet & greet Louis Bloom watch the “Nightcrawler”. 

Film- Nightcrawler

Cast- Jake Gyllenhaal, Riz Ahmed & Rene Russo.

Director- Dan Gilroy





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