A Precious Little Film|Blue Jay|Eu4ic Entertainments.

Oscar fever all around. The 89th Academy Awards. La La land winning big, Moonlight winning hearts and Cassey Affleck’s heart wrenching performance in Manchester By The Sea.

They all might be pretty decent films. But this is not about the oscars. This is about the black horse. This is about films which don’t get the required buzz.

Among all the mainstream films & indie films which released last year. There is a gem of a film that i’ve come across recently, titled “Blue Jay”. It’s got a limited release.

It has been screened at select festivals.

But its the content which has a unique flavour.

“Blue Jay” is inspiring in more ways than one. It has 2 characters. It’s shot in black & white. It has mostly improvised dialogues by the actors. The director is the DOP. The male lead has written the script & produced the film.There are just about a few locations, most of it is filmed in a house & above all its shot over a span of 7 days.blue-jay

There are movies which rely heavy on VFX, have a solid star cast, have the big guns backing the film & they also end up earning the bucks as well!

But they lose out on the most important yet the basic aspect- screenplay.

We’ve seen films which churn out similar stories, yet there is one which stands out. Yet there is one you connect to. Yet there is one which has a creative way of narrating it.

The way you tell you’re story is what matters at the end of the day. You may not have the big budget or the stellar cast, but what you have is a story, and its important that you tell it.

“Blue Jay” is exactly that. It may have a plot line which is similar to what you have seen or heard before. But it’s the narration & the execution is what stands out.


Its lead pair’s soulful  performance which is brilliant. The way it poetically unfolds is what keeps this masterpiece different from the rest.

This film is not only a must watch for the audience, but also for aspiring filmmakers.

Films can be shot in limited locations, minuscule budgets & with a few actors. What’s more it can also be watched by a million subscribers on a digital platform.

So try something unique, do something different, watch something new & start your week fresh.

Watch “Blue Jay”.

& yes it’s on Netflix!


Film: Blue Jay

Cast: Mark Duplass & Sarah Paulson.

Director: Alex Lehmann.



Watch the trailer below:


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