Kahaani 2:& the thrill continues.. |Review |Eu4ic Entertainments

Film:Kahaani 2:Durga Rani Singh

Cast:Vidya Balan, Arjun Rampal & Jugal Hansraj.

He started his career as director with the evergreen musical romantic “Jhankaar Beats”. Didn’t quite hit the right notes with his second and third film. He bounced back in 2012 with the thriller “Kahaani”, which turned out to be a major money spinner.

After 4 years he’s back with the franchise. “Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh” .

Sujoy Gosh has had quite the bumpy ride in bollywood. I guess he’s found his forte in the thriller & mystery genre.

This year he had also produced a film called “T3en” Directed by Ribhu Dasgupta, which didn’t fare well at the box office.


But he created a major buzz with his short film “Ahalya”, which impressed the audience & critics alike.

So Mr. Gosh is back to doing what he does best, & he doesn’t disappoint.

Kahaani 2:Durga Rani Singh has all the trappings for a thriller.

The first half will have arrested to your seats. The second half doesn’t do that , but provides for a fairly engaging viewing.

Mr. Gosh has etched all the characters beautifully. From the character of the beggar to the main protagonist, all of them are well-layered & with substance.

This film has a familiar setting like his previous films. But yet Mr.Gosh has delivered something new to the table.



Vidya Balan who has played the role of a mother is downright outstanding. She has delivered a stellar performance. You feel the same emotions as her as the movie progresses.

Arjun Rampal who has played the role of a cop, is pretty impactful. His performance is something to watch out for. He has really raised the bar. The choices of his films and the characters he has been playing lately is worth mentioning.


Jugal Hansraj who is there as well in the film,has made an interesting comeback. His performance has a nice range.

The film is more dark & creepier than its predecessor.

I don’t feel like revealing much about the plot of the film, but well there is a message in the film.

There are no doubts, about the certain flaws and the predictability in the film. Overall, it is a satisfying watch.

Making a thriller is not an easy task, and making the suspense last is even more tougher . Mr. Gosh has done a commendable job.

Have a thrilling weekend guys!



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