A Twisted Thriller|The Invitation(2015)|Eu4ic Entertainments

The Invitation (2015) : Directed by- Karyn Kusama.

Cast: Logan Marsahll-Green, Tammy Blanchard & Michiel Huisman

When you get invited to a reunion party, its bound to be fun. You get to meet your old friends, you  talk about the good times & fond memories. You’re excited, and have that tingling feeling before you meet them. Once  you do, you update them about your current happenings and get to know theirs. Its relaxing, its stress busting, and its a break away from you’re regular monotonous life.invitation2-1024x576

Meeting you’re old friends every now and then is great thing!

There are drinks, games and lip smacking snacks to munch on. There’s a lot to catch up with. Its something which we all enjoy!

But “The Invitation” is not your regular reunion- dinner party.
Its twisted.

We all may have at some point had to meet and greet our ex at a party or at a certain occasion. It gets a little awkward, but then eventually you take it in your stride and let bygones be bygones, and wish them the very best for their new beginnings, and I’m sure they do the same as well.


What if you’re attending a dinner party at your former house hosted by your ex-wife and her current partner.invitation
As earlier mentioned, “The Invitation” is not your regular reunion -dinner party. Unsettling ambience, old wounds re-surfing.  Its everything which can go wrong at a dinner party.

Nothing seems to be what it looks like. There’s tension building in the air , but no one wants to talk about it. Its weird, but you put the fake mask on.

But what happens when this fake mask comes off?


“The Invitation” directed by Karyn Kusama, is a nail biting thriller. Its haunting. It slowly comes on to you and before you know it you are clinging on to something in fear.

Its smart & it surprises you at the places you least expect it to. Hats off to the Phil Hay & Matt Manfredi for writing a suspense- filled screenplay.

Karyn Kusama has delivered an intelligent thriller, and i guess its her best film till date.

Logan Marshall-Green as “Will” is jaw -dropping. He sticks to his character and his droopy eyes do all the talking.

Tammy Blanchard as “Eden” is magical. Her smile is something to watch out for.

Rest of the cast have played their characters well. Revealing any more details regarding the script would be a spoiler.

But i suggest you accept this invitation.

Watch the trailer here:


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