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Breathe In (2013)

Cast: Guy Pearce, Felicity Jones, Amy Ryan & Mackenzie Davis

Director : Drake Doremus

42487_originalThe film is about a family staying in a small town near New York.

Keith ( Guy Pearce ) is a high school music teacher. He plays the cello with an orchestra frequently giving performances. He doesn’t really want to teach, but is looking out on giving auditions and getting a permanent role as a musician by moving down to the city.

He is not really happy with his life as he feels his life got cut short by marrying to early and having a baby soon after. He doesn’t have any regrets, but he feels its time to go out and achieve what he wants as his daughter is become older and would move out anytime soon. He is somehow feeling disconnected as his wife doesn’t really approve with his plans of being a musician full time.breathe-in-post

His wife Megan (Amy Ryan) enjoys being a housewife in the comfort of the small town they are living in. She loves her family and feels its perfect as it is. She’s content with life. She doesn’t really understand Keith’s desire or passion for music. She also feels Keith passion for cello is just an hobby. She loves it in the small town they are living in, away from the chaos of the city. She is happy with the income Keith is earning as a high school music teacher, and doesn’t want to disrupt the lifestyle by shifting to the city.

Their daughter Lauren ( Mackenzie Davis) is touching 18 years old. She is a swimming champ. She is not interested in music like her father, but nevertheless has nothing against it.


She’s the teenager who enjoys partying and is hoping her parents would give her a car soon. Being the only child she is pampered and taken care really well by her parents.

The family is about to host a guest – Sophie ( an foreign exchange student ) for a semester.


Sophie is a musician herself but she doesn’t really feel the need to play as she doesn’t find any inspiration as such. She is trying to figure out her life. She s a brilliant musician but doesn’t know if she should pursue it further. She is Laurens age but they are diametrically opposite. She loves being by herself. She enjoys reading books and talking about music.499769_036

How Keith suddenly starts to see a younger self of him in Sophie,Whereas she understands and completely relates to Keith. They both share a lot in common. They have a mutual attraction towards each other and eventually  How equations change when Sophie enters their lives forms the crux of the story.


The film stirs the right emotional beats. The intimate moments are well captured. The film completely engulfs you with it characters.

This drama has a lot of moments filled with tension which will surely make you jump up and down anxiously.







An excellent narrative.

Mesmerising performances.

A truly engrossing family drama.

Drake Doremus hats off for pulling out such a captivating film.




You can watch the trailer here:



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