Celebrating 25 years of Thelma and Louise | Eu4ic Entertainments

Thelma and Louise, directed by Ridley Scott is considered to be one of the greatest films on women ever made.

The film, released 25 years ago, is best known as an icon of early-’90s feminism and took the audience by surprise as it broke the stereotype(s) about road movies and women.

A still from the movie.

The film ran on mouth publicity, and the element of crisp and swift screenplay made the film a classic. The film received humungous appreciation both from the audience and the critics for its unseen and unexpected humor and action elements involving two ordinary females of the 90’s engaged in an adventurous vacation resulting in uncalled fiasco.

As Callie Khouri, the film’s screenwriter, explained of that final scene: “They flew away, out of this world and into the mass unconscious. Women who are completely free from all the shackles that restrain them have no place in this world. The world is not big enough to support them.”


thelma 3

The film which was simple yet awakening, spoke about various treacherous problems faced by the women of that time or rather the women as a whole in a male dominated society.

The two characters played by Thelma (Geena Davis) and Louise (Susan Sarandon) show us the freedom which is long anticipated but isn’t destined. They take off on a road trip  and soon become outlaws, managing to attract not only the attention of the local police but also bigger law agencies in an attempt of a self defence act, which proves to be costlier than the pains and misfortunes of a sexual assault.

thelma 4

The character portrayals, acting, direction and screenwriting together give us one of the most entertaintaing yet an eye opening action adventure road movie of all time.




Do watch it if you are looking for an unexpected vacation.




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