Like Crazy | Eu4ic Entertainments

Like Crazy (2011) is directed by Drake Doremus.

Starring Anton Yelchin, Felicity Jones & Jennifer Lawrence.


Does a long distance relationship work? Does romance come with an expiry date? Do you think you can love only one person all your life? These are a few crucial topics on which the film touches upon.

Two people meet in college, they date, they fall in love…is that all you need to make a relationship work?

This film focuses on whether they can make their relationship last.

Over here the distance plays the villain. With the girl living in london, and the guy living in LA. How true can you be to the relationship?

You are bound to connect to the story and its characters.

like-crazy06The screenplay written by Drake Doremus himself is very interesting. The film makes you reflect on your own relationships.

The lead cast has given an outstanding performance with a special mention to Felicity Jones.The chemistry shared between both the actors is impressive.  Its also nice to see Jennifer Lawerence play a small yet an effective role.This romantic drama is beautifully captured by John Guleserian. like-crazy-movie-2011-2560x1440-wallpaper-7468


This film is a realistic take on modern relationships. If you are looking for something mushy, this one might not be for you.


You can watch the trailer here:




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