Tom Hardy’s ‘One Man Show’ – “LOCKE”

locke 7
Locke is a gem of a film which will keep you hooked to your seat till the very end. It has an engaging screenplay and a path breaking performance by Tom Hardy.

locke 2Locke is a British drama/thriller film written and directed by Steven Knight.

locke 1

The entire film takes place in a car, with Tom hardy playing the titular character, there are other characters as well but provide voices. Basically, its a one man show.

locke 3

An interesting point about the film is that it was shot over a span of 8 nights and virtually in real time.

locke 5

The screenplay is tight and it will keep you on the edge. Cinematography by Haris Zambarloukos brings in the mood of the film instantly. The shots taken by the director are creative yet effectively flowing with the narrative. The performance by Tom Hardy is real making the audience feel for his character.

locke 4

The voices provided by other actors are impressive. You want to meet and see these characters ,unfortunately that doesn’t happen. I guess that is also the best part about the film. You tend to imagine and try to put a face to the characters.There’s a lot of thrill,excitement and viewer involvement in the film. This film is a clear example that script is king. By the end of it, you will be sure left wanting for more.

Check out the trailer of the film.




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