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The Revenant is by far one of the best movies ever made. Alejandro G. Iñárritu direction is just impeccable and awe inspiring, we were speechless on how the movie unfolded with impressive metaphors. Emmanuel Lubezki brings this intense tale about revenge and survival very realistic yet very poetic on screen. The visuals drown you into the world of “The Revenant”.


Leonardo DiCaprio has given his career’s best with an haunting portrayal of his character Hugh Glass which stayed with us long after the movie was done. Tom Hardy packs a real punch with his performance garnering praises from all quarters.


This film was our top favorites on the Oscars list. We were overjoyed when this film was awarded Best Director, Best Cinematographer & Best Actor. We would like to showcase you a documentary on the making of The Revenant titled “A World Unseen”, which we came across on YouTube. This documentary not only just covers the making of The Revenant, it also touches upon critical issues of the environment and native Americans. “The Revenant – A World Unseen” is a highly recommended watch.

Watch the documentary here:

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